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Mathews Solocam

Mission Archery

Mission Hype™

Call for Price

The Hype™ features the new F.I.T. (Focused Inertia Technology) Cam System, which reduces noise and felt recoil offering an extremely smooth and quiet bow. Highly adjustable, the Hype™ reaches draw lengths of 19-30 inches and 13-70 pounds of draw weight adjustment without the need of a bow press. The ergonomic riser and grip design creates an accurate and stable shooting platform off the balanced 31” axle-to-axle length. Proudly made in America and featuring a Lifetime Warranty, the Hype™ is an exceptional value with an MSRP of $359. Shoot the Hype™ today at your Authorized Mission® Retailer.


IBO Rate                                  Up to 310 FPS

Physical Weight                        3.7 lbs.

Axle to Axle                              31"

Brace Height                              7"

Let-off                                       Up to 80%

Draw Weight                            15-70 lbs

Draw Length                             19-30"

Cam(s)                                      F.I.T™ Cam

Bowstrings                                Zebra® Hybrid

String Length                           58 7/8"

Grip                                                 New, Ergonomic Composite Grip

Cable Length                               34 1/16"

MSRP                                            $359 (Bow Only)  

  • Model: Hype™

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