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Mathews Solocam

Mission Archery

Mission Flare

Call for Price

Women demanding higher performance in their bow will love the 2014 Mission® Flare™. Weighing in at under four pounds and featuring single cam technology, parallel limb design and a machined riser, this bow is made for serious hunters who require a super-smooth draw, higher speed and more precision. The Flare™ also comes standard with noise and vibration dampening technology, including String Suppressors™, D-Amplifiers™ and a string stop. And if you’re looking to make a statement with your bow, you can upgrade to the luxurious Pink Sparkle finish!


IBO Rate                                Up to 315 FPS

Physical Weight                      3.96 lbs.

Draw Weight                          30 - 60 lbs.

Draw Length                           24-30”

Let-off                                     80%

Azle to Axle                            30 ¼

Brace Height                           7”

Grip                                         Composite

Bowstrings                              Zebra® Hybrid

Cam(s)                            Single Cam

MSRP                             $499 (Bow only)

String Length                 87 ¼”

Cable Length                  32 3/8”


  • Model: Flare

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