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Mathews Solocam

Mission Archery

2015 Mathews TRG8

Call for Price

NO CAM ST™ Technology created such a balanced and accurate bow that it drove the design of a new and improved target bow. In addition to the NO CAM ST™ Technology, the new NO CAM™ TRG features a less reflexed riser with new cut-outs for added strength and stability. Twin Harmonic Stabilizers™ are also tuned to the system. It’s available in 7, 8 and 9 inch brace heights and four exclusive ­finishes. RockMods™ provide a solid back wall and further customization in terms of let-off (65% and 75%). With all these options, setting up a bow to fit your own personal preferences has never been easier.


Brace Height               8" 

Draw Weight               40, 50, 60, 70, & 80 lbs 

Bow Weight                 5.31 approximate 

Let-off                         65% & 75% 

Draw Lengths              27-32" 

Half Sizes                    27.5"-31.5" 

String/Cable                String: 66" Cable: 43 5/8" 

Riser Length                34.92" 

Cams                          No Cam ST™ 

IBO Rating                  up to 311 fps 

Axle-to-Axle                38" 

MSRP                         $1,799 

* All specs approximate

  • Model: NO CAM TRG8™

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