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Mathews Solocam

Mission Archery

2016 Hoyt Defiant Turbo


• Deviate with Defiant. Bowhunting bred. Defies all odds.
• Synergy between DFX™ cams and UltraFlex™ limbs increases axle to axle at full draw, improving form, comfort and accuracy
• Dual cable stops for a solid back wall
• Optional limb stop for a no-play back wall option, for comfort and consistency
• Rotating cam modules allow easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press
• Pro-Lock Pocket System - Superior pocket design is critical for accuracy and consistency. Tight tolerances, incredibly lightweight and ultra-durable pocket design
• Perfect Balance Stabilization System - A well balanced bow provides the shooter with a steadier aim that is easy to hold at full draw
• Silent Shelf Technology™ - Kills noise at the arrow rest and can save your hunt during the moment of truth
• Pro-Fit™ Custom Grip - Options to match every shooter's desired feel and color options to match your desired style
• Parallel Split-Limb Technology™ - Provides for an effective overall width of 2-1/4" creating much more lateral and torsional stability
• Multi-Layer Lamination™ - Strongest, most dependable, longest-lasting limbs you’ll find anywhere
• Shock-Rod™ Technology - Kill noise, kill vibration
• StealthShot™ - Kills noise and minimizes string oscillation after the shot
• Fuse Custom Strings™ - Proven and built rock-solid
• Offset™ Riser Design - A new realm of aluminum riser design to kill vibration while adding strength and stiffness
• Zero Torque (ZT) Cable Guard System - A revolutionary cable containment system built for easy-tuning and maximum forgiveness
• TEC Lite™ Riser - At full draw, the limb harnesses more power and produces more speed with reduced stress on the limbs
• Limb Shox™ - Limb dampening system
• DFX™ Cam Technology - Maximizes effective string angle, optimizes peep position, and provides a more comfortable and consistent anchor and alignment
• Turbo Cam & 1/2™ - Hoyt's fastest cam ever made. Designed to be hard-hitting and flat shooting
• ULTRAFLEX™ Limb System - Utilizes the entire length of the limb, for increased efficiency, through Hoyt's patent-pending pivoting pocket design

• Axle to Axle: 33"
• IBO Speed: 350 fps
• Brace Height: 6"
• Mass Weight: 4.2 lbs.
• Draw Length Options: 24-26", 26-28", 28-30"
• Draw Weight Ranges: 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 55-65, 60-70 lbs.
• Color Options: Black Out, Realtree MAX-1®, Realtree Xtra™, UA® Ridge Reaper™

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