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Mathews Solocam

Mission Archery

2013 Mathews Chill


Come to Louisiana Outdoors to shoot a demo!

The Monster® Chill™ gives a new look and feel to the Mathews® McPherson Series® line. The Chill™ is equipped with the New DYAD™ AVS® Cam System which features dual Perimeter Weighted® Cams producing minimal post shot vibration and great speed. Combined with a Reverse Assist Roller Guard™ and a GeoGrid® Riser, the Chill™ is lightweight, compact, and without question, the smoothest shooting two cam bow on the planet. These attributes continue to make the Monster line of bows, “The Fastest Bows You’ll Ever Want To Shoot!”


MSRP $999  Louisiana Outdoors $869!

Brace Height        7”
Draw Weight       50-70 lbs
Bow Weight        3.90 approximate
Let-off                80%
Draw Lengths     23-30”
Half Sizes           23.5-29.5”
String/Cable       String: 60 3/4" | Cable: 28 1/8"
Riser Length       23.50”
Cams Dyad Cam
IBO Rating        up to 333 fps
Axle-to-Axle     30.5”

Sold Out
  • Model: Chill

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